Monday, June 20, 2016


Carpe Diem #979 Hungary

When I saw the challenge was Hungary I almost swooned.  Hubby and I fell in love with Hungary, especially Budapest.  The buildings were no older than other places we visited.  Nothing was more ornate.  There was just something that caught our fancy.  Well, part of it could have been Chaba, one of the crew on the river cruise.  Chaba was Hungarian with the best set of calves I had seen since my young hubby's calves.  I do like me some calves!!!  And I cherished getting to know sweet, sweet Chaba.  He hugged Hubby and me on the last day and called us Grandpa and Grandma.  Yes, it was the people we fell in love with in Hungary.

buffeted by wars
behind a curtain of iron
hearts soft as goose down

© petra domina

Budapest, 4-8-2016 © petra domina

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