Friday, June 3, 2016


Carpe Diem #968 Germany

The country girl and boy had never been off the North American continent.  Then by the grace of heaven and a generous relative the chance arose to visit Europe.  While the choices were many it was decided to do the Grand Tour as the royalty of old would do when they came of age.  While girl and boy were decades beyond coming of age, they settled on the river cruise.

young at heart
two old turtles set out
for a swim

remains of Roman wall,
First The Netherlands and next Germany with Austria, Hungary and the Slavic countries to follow.  All would be seen from the shores of the rivers they had both studied in geography classes so many years ago in school.  Months of preparation and planning added to the excitement of the event.  A plane ride and the two emerged into the land that seemed to be the thing of dreams.  Far away lands that were the stuff of legends, truths and eons of history.

walls of stone
crumble back to earth
a hawk watches

Germany when viewed from the Rhine, Main and Danube is a land of jagged hills.  Hills crowned with castles and fortresses.  Forests and vineyards that show deep roots into those hills.  Towns and villages prickling with church spires.  Colorful clay roofs, some with modern solar panels. Others with smoke curling from the chimneys on the cool April mornings.

fairies play
as Grimm tales unfold
in the misty vineyard

The two walk the cobbled streets in awe of the spires.  The quaintness of seeing half timbered houses and the juxtaposition of nearby roof-lines was even better with the smell of freshly baked strudels wafting from a nearby bakery.  Trying to read street signs in an unfamiliar language caused laughter and an occasional sharp glance. The experience of tasting smoked beer and fresh sausages was a surreal delight.  Learning of how the history of wars and bloody pasts are taught brings new insights.  And new appreciation of the trials people have faced.

A country at once modern and old.  Beautiful lands with spine chilling histories.  Germany was a delight and a contradiction.  A land to be savored by the two as long as memory lasts....

tree lined horizon
above the flowing river
giant silhouettes

© petra domina

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