Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Carpe Diem #973 Bulgaria

Bulgaria . . . One of the last two countries on the Viking Cruise.  The second half of the Grand European Sojourn, as the total cruise was named, was Passage to Eastern Europe.  All of the latter countries had been behind 'the Iron Curtain" till the late 1980's.  To say this was the experience of a lifetime is no exaggeration.   

We spent two days touring Bulgaria.  Day one, Hubby went on the morning excursion to the Belogradchik Rocks.  In the afternoon I visited a local home and learned to make the traditional banitsa bread and traditional yogurt.  There were only three of us on the home visit so it was very personal.  As we arrived  at the home, two women and a gentleman family friend had greeted us in the beautiful enclosed courtyard.  Of course there was a shot of the local brandy/white lightning, freshly baked bread and a dry herb dip.  

We were welcomed into a nicely appointed home.  The home was a new build with funds the couple made while living in the States for about 15 years.  They had migrated following the relaxation of immigration from Bulgaria.  We three tourists as it happened all Texas folks visited, cooked and drank with these warm people.  Stories were shared.  Questions asked and answered.  As we worked on making the bread, Aunt Rosa supervised all we did.  It was her grown niece's home but Rosa was in charge.   Aunt Rosa even had hand made items available for purchase.  I being a person that sews could not pass up her beautifully made apron.  

The next day we started in Russe, Burgaria.  From this point we visited Veliko Tarnovo with its hilltop castle.   We sat in the 10th century Nativity Church in Arbanasi and sampled the traditional rose products.  Shops and wares offered with all the handcrafted beauty one would expect.  Lovely fields of safflower and shepherds with flocks of sheep.  But nothing compared to the warmth enjoyed at the table supervised by Aunt Rosa.

lining the cobblestone streets
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