Saturday, March 19, 2016

R E D RULES ! ! !

 Carpe Diem Theme Week #2 Color Your Life Introduction

Our Host's opening statements.

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

Welcome at the first episode of the second Carpe Diem Theme Week. This week (March 20th until March 26th) I love to bring some "Color into Your Life". We are going to explore the deeper meaning of the colors which we know from the rainbow. As I started CDHK back in 2012 I had a week full of prompts about the colors of the rainbow and maybe ... this feels for a few of you ... like a reprise, but ... well our Haiku loving family has grown since we started so there will be new family members who love to be inspired by the colors of the rainbow.

As I did in our first Theme Week I will gather all the posts of this Theme Week including your haiku and other Japanese poetry forms you will submit to create a new e-book, but that's ... not for now.

Color Your Life ... Red:

Generally the positive sides of the color red include action, courage, a strong will, honesty, confidence, spontaneity, vibrancy and gratitude.

Everything is in balance in our world, so just as there are positive aspects of the meaning of red, there are negatives associated with this color as well.
Red is associated with danger. Stop signs, stop lights and fire trucks are red.

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Red has special meaning in my family as we are a family with many redheads.  It is assumed by many that a redhead has a temper.  Blondes are airheads.  Brunettes are sultry.  Redheads are fiery.  Such narrow rooms  in which to live.

red cardinal
chips a morning greeting
for a needy world

-- -- -- -- --

red skies
a cautious warning
for the gulls

©  Janice 'petra domina' Adcock

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My family with my former red hair now gray mostly.