Sunday, June 5, 2016


Carpe Diem Utabukuro #11 (restarting an old feature) "Wisteria Beans" by Matsuo Basho

Today's prompt is to pick a favorite haiku and explain why you chose it.  Also, one is to write a new haiku inspired by the favorite poetry.

First autumn morning
the mirror I stare into
shows my father’s face.
© Murakami Kijo

a tear trickles
recalling that last season
memories spool back

split second flicks

arrested in mind’s eye
a smile forms on our lips


- - - - -  response - - - - - 

A couple of days ago mon amie in Montreal posted the above haiku and her response.  With two of three sisters that grow to look more like our Mom each time we are together, it hit home.  Another sister and I tend to look more like our Dad's sister.  One sister's granddaughter and grandson have faces, especially the shape and eyes, that look cloned.  A couple of the nephews with a head turned slightly to the side are so like my Dad.  Another nephew has Dad's walk.  My grandson has my Dad's muscular build and his hands.  There is something comforting about seeing the past in the now and into the future.

scrubbing . . .
hands paused during daily tasks
 Mom's or mine

© petra domina

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  1. I am touched, Janice! And I so can relate to your experience with your sisters. I was with my sister last weekend, starting to sort out things at Mom`s house since my step-father is moving to a nursing home. I said something and it shocked me, I told her, "My goodness I could hear Mom's voice coming out of my mouth!"

    1. Oh, my, yes. It happens all the time. Gene told me I have my Mom's laugh sometimes.

    2. Well, my sister, my mom and I all laugh like her...and as for sister and my daughter sound the same.
      My mom would play tricks on my boyfriend/husband…it would always worry me. And I once played a trick on my step-father when he was first dating my mom. when he said "I love you" at the end of the call, I was not sure if my mom had made this declaration yet, so I said, "Me too" and Me too was my nickname for the longest time.

  2. Amazing, isn't it? My sister and I sound EXACTLY the same. Not only do we sound the same when we talk, but we also sound the same when we laugh. I was shocked the first time I heard my laugh and thought it was my sister's.

    1. Yes, quite amazing. Is it dna or something we just pick up from our surroundings, the eternal question! Thanks for visiting and commenting!