Friday, August 12, 2016


Carpe Diem #1022 dreams

[...] "I know I am a dreamer … but I belief strongly, that love will conquer all evil … and as Spring is here again than I only can say: Yes love has conquered again!!" [...] Chèvrefeuille

Pretty sure that most of the CDHK group are too young to remember Cass Elliot, aka Mama Cass.  The Mamas and the Papas were one of my favorites at a late teen living on my own.  Living in an apartment with another young woman, we would turn the stereo probably entirely too loud.  Then we two roommates would rock out to the various songs spinning off the vinyl Mamas and Papas album.

We roomies were young with our lives ahead of us.  We would speak of the dreams for our lives.  Nothing grand, just meeting the right guy or being able to buy a Mustang convertible like Carol's sister had.  Getting better jobs or finishing college.  As fate would have it I opened the apartment door one August night in 1966 and there was The Dream.  Tall, handsome and he had a brand new 1966 mustang hardtop.  Close enough for this dreamer.

The Dream and I married in June of 1967.  The Mamas and Papas group broke up in 1968.  That same year Cass Elliot recorded Dream a Little Dream of Me.  In July, 1974, Cass Elliot died of a heart attack in her sleep at the end of a two week successful run at the London Palladium.  The strains of the songs she sang still live in my mind.  I still have that same Mamas and Papas vinyl album.  And the Dream is waiting for me to join him in our bed.

cupid wings
stirring the dense summer air
loves refrain

©  petra domina

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  1. Hari OM
    Dream to Real
    would that all things in life
    were as such
    YAM xx

    1. Good evening, YAM
      Not sure how I was so fortunate. Of course I was just taking the trash out when I opened the door and there he stood. He was with my roomies boyfriend who wanted to introduce us. fate. janice xx

  2. Love this. How fortunate to have found Your Dream. :)
    And ... wow ... seriously, this is one of my favorite songs. Cass was fantastic. Hugs

    1. I have been one lucky individual, for sure. And it is one of my favorites, too. Hugs, back.

  3. Awesome ... the mamas and the papas awesome music, .... yes I know them and loved their music.

    1. Glad you enjoyed. You were but a babe when the Mamas and Papas were singing you lullabies.