Sunday, August 7, 2016


Carpe Diem Theme Week (6) 2 Utabukuro Jane Reichhold

Inspiration post:

"Here is one of my (our host, Chèvrefeuille) favorite haiku written by Jane:

raising his foot
a crane scatters stars
sunk in the pond

© Jane Reichhold

The Crane stands for 1000 years or an eternity and I think this is very suitable for this tribute for Jane Reichhold. The Queen of Haiku will be remembered for an eternity ... for ever.

And with my (Chèvrefeuille) haiku I love to share my thoughts on that eternity:

thousand thoughts a day
while writing haiku for the world -
the cries of a White Cranes

© Chèvrefeuille

Jane Reichhold Rest In Peace I will cherish your friendship and love forever. "

cranes stand
gazing into the night sky
endless stars twinkle
©  petra domina

Thanks to Chèvrefeuille for daily prompts on 


  1. Love the haiga ... this is gorgeous.

    1. Glad you enjoyed. Found the sandhill cranes last year while visiting Ontario near the Georgian Bay. A luck shot. janice

  2. Replies
    1. You think I might should change to twinkling? I am really open to suggestions for improvement. janice xx

    2. ...oh it wasn't intended as a correction - perhaps I ought to have said sparkling, as in your words! Though in retrospect, twinkling would perhaps echo the gazing.... but am only saying that now you've prompted a review from my side!!! Yxx

    3. YAM,
      I struggle keeping writing in the same 'tense'. Think I'll just go in and add the second version... thanks for the input. jan xx

  3. A beautifully inspired and fitting haiku of yours as conclusion there.

    1. Thanks, Hamish. Been feeling like I have skipped a groove when writing lately.