Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Carpe Diem Special #220 Orion, a haibun by Dolores Fegan our featured haiku poetess

Surfing the internet can be such a waste of time ....  Or it can be an immersion in the middle of a sea of talent.  All depends on which waves one surfs.  Fortunately I caught on to the wave of haiku.  The waves took me to Carpe Diem Haiku Kai.  There I found Ada's Poetry Alcove.  Such a beautiful place for poetry.  The following is a portion of this post's challenge from host Chèvrefeuille.

.. [From my window far overhead and through the trees I can see the constellation Orion. It is clear enough to make out the hilt on his belt. His bow raised high in the sky. I remember my father teaching me the names of the constellations and the stars that made them up. I do not recall all the names, but am forever blessed with fond memories.

winter hunter
stalking the night sky
bow aimed high

my father
points out the night sky
my hand in his

© Dolores Fegan] ..

Fall meant the great State Fair of Texas.  Attended every year in a new dress made by Mom, this October Saturday in 1950 was no different.  Auntie, Mom and she headed for the fair.  She proudly walked between these two special women.  Always independent she refused to keep holding their hands even in the huge crowd.  The rustle of the skirts of Mom and Auntie were all she needed to be safe.  Looking up to ask a question she was startled to see two unfamiliar faces.  Turning in fright she sees the familiar faces of Mom and Auntie both with huge smiles.  They had been watching as little miss independent strolled away from  them.  In old age the little girl still remembered looking up as she walked between the rustling safety of the skirts.  The faces had been black instead of the familiar Irish coloring.  But the skirts rustled just as safe as Mom's and Auntie's.

star filled galaxies

©  petra domina

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