Monday, September 19, 2016


Carpe Diem Special #219 Dolores' 3rd colorful mushrooms

Football stadium lights in the distance are the sign of autumn in the southern states of the US.  The further south, the bigger the stadiums.  And in Texas, football is almost a religion.  The belief starts in young children, boys being players and girls doing the cheering.  Not much headway in the women's movement in this arena.  The leaves will just drop in November with little fanfare or color.  Too much competition from the football lights.
filled with colorful warriors
falling leaves

©  petra domina

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"We are encountering autumn in a few days (or spring if you live on the Southern hemisphere) and in these haiku by Dolores I really sense the beauty of departure, letting go, release ....:

colorful mushrooms
within the decaying tree
new life from old

leaves and clouds
race the setting sun
across the lake

sounds of summer fade
crisp air echoes with crickets
and crunch of dry leaves

sunlight dances
on the back of autumn trees
leaves spiral downward

© Dolores of Ada's Poetry Alcove"

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