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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

in the moment

Carpe Diem Tokubetsudesu #80: Memory Lane: Utabukuro (or poem bag)

Honeysuckle vines entwined around the old, deformed willow tree behind the overgrown rose bushes.  Spring would bring a flush of blooms through out the old yard.  Lilacs, lilies, iris, roses and of course the honeysuckle.  The young maiden would break off a lilac or two and then wind a length of the blooming honeysuckle along the stem.  This would be gingerly placed behind her ear.  An instant princess.

midsummer night -
the scent of Honeysuckle
tickles the senses                    © Chèvrefeuille
the warm breath of his love .
aphrodisiacs . .                        ©  Janice 'petra domina' Adcock

I must admit that my exposure to haiku is mostly on CDHK.  I admire the writings of our host and the other participants.  In the moment I read Chèvrefeuille's haiku all I could think of was the memory I shared in this post.  And Chèvrefeuille has shown in his poetry his appreciation of his wife.....  So I used a little poetic liberty and just made a tanka of his work.  I just pretty much live in the moment.

Thanks to Chèvrefeuille for daily prompts on