Wednesday, June 27, 2018

young birds are raised

Carpe Diem Crossroads #12 young birds are raised

Our most gracious host for this group has given to us another challenge. "... The task is to create a so called "fusion"-haiku from the given haiku. With that task you create a symbiosis between the two haiku."  This is going to be extra challenging for me as just yesterday a young mockingbird was learning to fly.  It landed in our large container garden.  It seemed lost.  I moved to close to it and away it awkwardly flew.  The young wings were carrying it only a meter or two with each attempt.  If was, however, quickly into the road.  Before I could rise and get to the bird a car passed over it.  Fortunately no wheel made contact.  Four or five more attempts had the bird across the street and to safety.  Within minutes it had moved out of sight completely.

fountain trickles
hedge branches conceal the young
white tipped wings falter
©  petra domina

Here are the two we were to fuse:

river in winter 
soaring over peaks
an eagle spots its prey

hedge branches 
young birds are raised 
morning snow 

© Ryokan

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  1. That must have been frightening to watch. I’m glad the fledgling made it to safety.

    1. My husband was jumping up to help rescue the baby, too. So distressing to watch.

  2. A wonderful fusion and the background to it makes it a little wonder.

    1. I hoped it would work. Thank you for the affirmation.