Thursday, June 28, 2018

thin clothes

Carpe Diem #1462 thin clothes (usumono)

Growing up on a cotton farm in Texas summers were hot and long.  Crops were tended by hand in those days.  Weeds were hoed from the rows of plants.  Later in the season the cotton fibers would be pulled by hand, one boll at a time.  The black sandy loam soil would become hot to the touch adding to the heat.  My parents, sisters and neighbors would work together in the fields.  At times they would chat back and forth.  Sister would flirt with the neighbor boy.  Someone would tell a joke just to break the drudgery.  A truck waited at the end of the field under a shade tree if there was one.  There would sit a big, galvanized can of water with a solid chunk of ice.  The ice might last till noon.  The workers all wore hats or bonnets, long pants and long sleeved shirts to avoid sunburns.

snow white field
glistening in the summer sun
thinly clad vixen

©  petra domina

Jack Johnson and my Daddy.  They were not in work clothes.
These were the casual dress khakis, not church clothes.
And, yes, they all wore hats in 1950.

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  1. You have written a wonderful haibun inspired on this kigo ... awesome.