Friday, October 6, 2017


Carpe Diem #1269 reflection

I love days that start with a smile.  Today was one of those.  After morning chores I settled into my easy chair to catch up on all the CDHK posts.  There on the patio screen door was a green lizard.  This lizard has been hanging around for several months now.  It has surprised me by skittering across the patio as it escaped the watering bucket's cascade.  Today it brought back memories of a time before grandsons were born.  A time when a gecko was grabbed by the tail.  It ran away leaving its tail in my son's fingers.  His wife screamed not knowing that the tail would grow back.  Thanks, little green lizard, for a smile.

from the mist
green dragon appears
a tale grows

©  petra domina

skittering lizard

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