Friday, April 28, 2017


Times of life come too fast
Sitting in the midst is like
Riding the middle of a tornado.

A tornado that is full of debris
From the lives of others.
Slapping against one's own soul.

Pulled in all directions
With the sound and winds so loud
Eardrums burst leaving only pain.

In search of quiet a broom is grabbed
To sweep away doubts
And all times of confusion.



  1. Hari OM
    And she's back with us... this poem echoes my own mood today, with an ache deep in it; an appeal to the Higher Self for clarity. Really liked this one, Janice. YAM xx

    1. Between my president's mouth pushing to have some war games, ugh, and so much other stuff here in the political arena I feel somewhat spent at times. I just spilled out how I was feeling. Not having all the software on the new computer so I can get on a scanning project and other things has me discombobulated. Ah, first world problem. We blog sisters need to stick together for encouragement. namaste janice xxx

  2. Om Namaha seems the world is looking towards your you, we are confused, shaking our heads and concerned. Fortunately, I do not have tv, do not read the news except what I hear from bloggers and friends which, frankly, is enough. Hugs to you, Janice. End of May I fly to Seattle and hope there will not be a problem at the border but if there is, I will be stuck in Calgary and that would not be so bad. I've never visited Calgary. Cheryl-Lynn xx

    1. It is like crazy has taken over the world. Been to Calgary and enjoyed it. Janice xx