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Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Carpe Diem #924 humour (reprise)

The family motto was, "We laugh to keep from crying."  Laughter could be heard during 'family visitation', a tradition that is part of the grief and burial rituals in parts of the US.  Not ever really class clown type folks just folks that could take any situation and see the humor (humour).  Dad accidentally called a quick stop store to ask if they were the undertakers handling a deceased friend's remains.  Dad asked, "Do you have Bill Morgan's body?"  The owner did not understand and yelled to see if Bill Morgan was in the store.  A couple more exchanges occurred before Dad realized he had not called an undertaker.  Oops.

Later in regard the same deceased friend, he and Mom were to take the late night shift of 'sitting with the body', a ritual of unknown origins.  Dressed to the nines in suits and Mom in heels they prepared to leave our home.  Dad backs the car out of the garage.  Mom closes the door and turns to walk to the car only to suddenly disappear into the 2 AM darkness.  Dad thought he saw an image flash past the passenger window and hear a screeching noise.  Seems the drizzle on a cold, slanted driveway made for an icy surface.  .

Dad yelled for her to sit still and he would come to help.  Mom's retort, "You are crazy if you think I am laying on this cold ice till you get here!".  She managed to get into the passenger seat.  They backed out of the drive.  The car lights showed Mom's spike heels had left little wavy lines on the icy driveway's surface.

Most folks would consider these type of errors and accidents without a thread of humor.  Some would be embarrassed.  Certainly many stories would never be shared by most because of appearing less than perfect.  But Creation gave this family a special gift, humor.  A gift that drew people from all walks of life to them for one simple reason, they were fun.

a weary world
tears of humanity flow
seeking a clown

©  Janice 'petra domina' Adcock

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  1. How I enjoy your stories, Janice!! Humour is certainly a way to deal with difficult situations and at visitations there is often a nervous humour present.

    1. Both of my folks were such "cut ups" that any gathering was like visiting a comedy club!

  2. That is the only way my family deals with troubled times. Wonderful story, Janice.

    1. Hope you are enjoying the fun during the good times as well. Glad you enjoyed the story.